Over the passed decades we have authored more than 1,000 articles in various publications, mainly related to scuba diving, travel, sailing, boating and photography. Our stories have been published in North America, Europe and Australia.

Our travel articles span North America, the Caribbean and the Pacific. They are mostly related to scuba diving and boat chartering.

We write in French and English and our goal is to entertain and inform the readers in the most accessible fashion.

We are regular contributors to DIVER and EN PROFONDEUR magazines.

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Diver Magazine

We began our contribution to DIVER MAGAZINE in 1997. Since then, we have authored more than 150 columns on underwater photography. We have written on other topics including travel, environment and sea life.

Our column focuses on digital photography, aiming to make this specialty more enjoyable for beginners and experienced enthusiasts.



En Profondeur

Our contribution with EN PROFONDEUR, a French Canadian scuba diving magazine, spans more than 30 years. We have published over180 columns on underwater photography.  Articles on other topics appear regularly.

Our column makes underwater photography more enjoyable for everyone, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts.




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