Our lecture programs are suited for all types of audiences, from specialty groups to general audiences, from corporate events to schools.

Our style is entertaining and informative. With more than 25 years of experience as speakers we can deliver keynotes, short programs or even a full night program.

We can customize a program to suit the needs of the audience.

All our programs feature multimedia presentations.

We have  lectured in North America and Europe to small classroom groups up to 2,000-seat venues.

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Long Programs

Dreams and Images (90-120 minutes)

Suited for all audiences it is an insight into our world and the world of the creatures of the oceans.  Its fabric is the foundation of our involvement, made of dreams and images. Moving and entertaining, it leaves the audience in awe at the beauties of our world.

Dreams and Passions (90-120 minutes)

Dreams get us going, passion is the fuel is that makes it happen. Experience our dreams and understand how passion plays a key role in our accomplishments. As kids we all have dreams. Come and share our dreams and feel our passion. Inspiring and uplifting, this program sure ignites ideas in the minds of the participants.


Short Programs

Dumaguete - From the Smallest to the Largest

Discover  a part of the Coral Triangle that offers an incredible opportunity to sample sea life from 15mm-long frogfish up to the the largest fish in the sea, the whale shark.

Located in the Philippines, this unique destination has a lot to offer in terms of biodiversity.


Puerto Galera - 100 Hours of Discovery

The Philippines are at the epicentre of the coral triangle. Puerto Galera is one of the most accessible and the most affordable dive destination in this South-East Asian country. Michel and Danielle spent 100 hours below the surface over 20 days. Through their spectacular photography and lively talk, come and discover a gem of the Pacific.

An Image Is Worth a Thousand Words

Share with Michel Gilbert and Danielle Alary, expert underwater photographers and multimedia producers, their best images and the stories behind them. They give insights on the how-to’s and explain the story behind the photograph. An incursion into the minds and techniques of two most talented image-makers.

Manatees - Too Close for Comfort

Manatees are more numerous than ever around the Florida Peninsula. Changes are coming to Crystal River, the small town where man and manatee share spaces that are becoming increasingly congested, especially during high season. Listen to the update brought by experts Michel and Danielle and share their spectacular photography.


BVIs - Above and Below

The British Virgin Islands are renowned for great diving and exceptional sailing and boating. Michel & Danielle have visited  the archipelago twelve times. They bring their vision of  this unique destination. Charter your own vessel and let’s go explore the waters that inspired Stevenson’s Treasure Island.

The Turks and Caicos You Have Not Seen

Discover an incredible destination in the Caribbean. Visit six islands, learn about the musts that nobody talks about and experience diving on fabulous reefs with a few surprises: want to pet a shark, a grouper, a turtle or an angelfish in the same week… or dive amongst Caribbean reef sharks that are not brought there through feeding… come and dive with us as we explore the Turks and Caicos you have not seen.

The Cayman Islands We Love

For their 6th visit in the archipelago, Michel and Danielle aimed their cameras at their "coups de coeur" (love at first sight) sites and creatures. True artists and wonderful speakers, this couple never cease to please and inspire their audience with informative and entertaining presentations, combined with superb imagery.


Top Ten - Dive Some of the World's best

From the Pacific to the Caribbean and including temperate waters of the St-Lawrence. Michel and Danielle have selected 10 dives amongst the thousands they visited.  A unique choice of experiences that will give your ideas and probably help you decide on a future destination. Of course they bring their  multimedia talents as a gift for the audience.

The Ghost of The Rhone

There are shipwrecks and Shipwrecks. Michel and Danielle share with us the story of what they call: “The quintessential shipwreck.” Join them for an exploration of this XIX century ship that met its fate in 1867 during one of the worst hurricanes ever to hit the Caribbean.

Belize - Gem of the Caribbean

Michel  and Danielle visited Belize twice in within twelve months.   There must be a reason for this decision: Learn about an underrated destination of the Caribbean.

From land to sea, Belize has a lot to offer.


The Japanese Garden of Hawaii

Diving Hawaii is a dream for many and a question mark for others. Michel and Danielle spent four weeks on the Big Island.  Between the volcanoes, mountain tops and Aggressor fleet’s own vision, they found the answer to the question that bugged them for many years: Is diving any good in Hawaii?

Blue Heron Bridge - A Different Kind of Tropical Diving

Ever thought about diving the Intra-coastal Waterway as a tropical dive destination? Dive under a bridge for a change? Muck diving like you have not seen yet, the Blue Heron Bridge has become a “must” in South Florida. This shore dive is unique and allows you to see fauna that is not necessarily observed on the outer reefs or in the Keys.

Dolphins - Freedom and Joy

Join Michel and Danielle as they bring us to the Little Bahama Bank, into the world of wild dolphins. An experience not to be missed as they tell us about the unique opportunity to meet the wild mammals as they roam the shallow waters of this exquisite location.


The Treasures of Fiji

Share a fantastic experience in Fiji, a destination that has far more to offer than its famed soft corals. Come aboard the Fiji Aggressor and visit the Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort with Michel and Danielle. Experience the warm hospitality of the Fijian people and their unique culture.

Adventure on the Ice Pack

The Gulf of St-Lawrence is a unique body of water. It is one of the richest environments on the planet. Each year, in February/March, it becomes a nursery for Greenland seals.  Beyond the pretty images of the baby seals, there is a harsh environment where they fight the elements to survive and become the next generation.