We offer workshops in the fields of photography and multimedia production.  Most programs are half-day up to full day sessions.

From photography techniques, especially underwater, up to multimedia presentations to showcase their work, photographers benefit from our practical and thorough approach.

We offer a  combination of knowledge and experience that helps participant improve and enjoy their photographic endeavours.

All workshops can be customized to meet the needs of specific groups.

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Half-day Workshops

Underwater Photography Made Simple (180' )

In this workshop Michel and Danielle  share  their no-nonsense  approach to underwater photography. From   fish portrait/macro to wide-angle photography; from lighting to basic composition, they take a fresh look at a fantastic specialty.

(Beginner to Intermediate level)

Making a Picture - The Next Level in Underwater Photography (180')

This workshop targets those who want to get more out of their u/w photography. Light is the image -  Michel & Danielle share their knowledge and experience to help you go beyond the "snapshot images". They cover workflow and explain how they work in the field and in their studio to maximize the "keepers".

(Intermediate to advance level)


Making an Impact - How to Present Your Images (180' )

People take thousands of pictures that end up on hard drives. Learn how to produce compelling  presentations.  Software is a tool and the real take-away of the this workshop is your ability to use any tools at your disposal to "Wow' your audiences.

(Beginner to advance level)

Soundtrack - A Key Part of Your Program (180')

Sound makes 50% of the impact in a program. Learn how to find, select and use music and sound effects to improve  the impact of your presentations. Learn how to use simple tools to add voiceover and edit your soundtrack.

This workshop targets those who are not familiar with sound editing as well as intermediate users who want to maximize the impact of their work.

(Beginner to advance level)

Macrophotography - Art and Science (180')

Macrophotography is the quintessential instant gratification gift of underwater photography.  But there is more to it than what meets the eye. Come and learn the basics as well as the more advanced concepts behind great macrophotography.  From simple point and shoot systems to pro-level camera gear, the tools are there. This workshop will bring a better understanding of the approach towards spectacular images.  Cold water, warm water, it does not matter, macrophotography is possible in any kind of water environment.

(Beginner to advance level)

Longer Workshops

Multimedia From A to Z (12 hrs)

Learn how to shoot, edit and program to maximize the impact of your presentations. This extensive workshop provides participants with the knowledge they need to present their work in a compelling and impressive way. Students must prepare a presentation the is reviewed at the end of the workshop. This course is both informative and fun.

(Beginner to advance level)


Practical Underwater Photography (12 hrs)

This workshop uses classroom and pool sessions to maximize learning. Train with two seasoned pros that have taught thousands of students.

A no-nonsense approach helps students apply simple rules to improve their imaging techniques and produce quality photographs.

(Beginner to intermediate level)

Week-long Underwater Photography Class

This workshop is taught on location. Students must bring their equipment and have a minimum of 50-hour of logged bottom time before entering the class.

During the week participants learn about the tools and techniques used to produce quality underwater photography. From macro to wide-angle, this course includes topics aimed at helping everyone improve and enjoy underwater photography.

(Beginner to intermediate level)